Wednesday, April 29, 2020


Clearly too much time on their hands.

These cops are total assholes.


Youtube and Social Media

Only in the authoritarian world of leftist politics are opposing viewpoints now labeled, “misinformation.”

Why don’t these tech firms just be honest and come out and say, “we will censor all viewpoints that differ from those who support a powerful punitive government”?


Toilet paper, disinfectant, now beef, pork, and produce. Rise in suicides, alcoholism, drug abuse, domestic violence....

Government intrusion and the law of unintended consequences.

Who would have thought.


Tuesday, April 28, 2020


For the Love of State

This is merely anecdotal. I don’t know what honest and comprehensive stats would ultimately show but...

It appears that those who strongly favor a strict “lockdown” status are overwhelmingly leftist in their general sympathies. Those who are at least skeptical and resistant to such overbearing control by government seem to appear more right wing or libertarian in their sympathies. Now, to be sure there are plenty of nut-cases on all sides but when I see the “resting bitch face” of the Michigan governor or the whining and dishonest fear-mongers of CNN and MSNBC et al. They appear to be the usual clowns that support obedience to government and restriction on a dynamic free society. The best caricature I can think of is that horrid ranting bitch on The View, Joy Blowhard. I realize that one could find similar caricatures of some protestors on the other side rambling about abortion or carrying “Trump 2020” flags but what each side supports is telling. The left, as always, supports powerful ever-growing state authority to override free thought and action. The right....wants to be left alone.

We are not going to join your commune. We are not going to obey your dictates. We are not to going to relinquish our right to walk in a park, drive a car, buy a lunch, assemble, protest, question, and think and act freely.

There are many legitimate questions to be asked regarding the Corona virus. Blind obedience to a cabal of “experts” who dominate government, internationalist organizations, and faux journalism is one thing. Forfeiting one’s freedom to speak, question, and engage some very deceptive and dubious claims is quite another.

As usual, if you want to join a commune and prostrate yourself before an arrogant clique of socialist authoritarians, go for it but, leave the rest of us the hell alone.


The Rule of Lemmings

There is now a high percentage of people who are afraid to begin opening things up in the U.S. The propaganda arms of fear and submission have been very successful on their test run. It’s a virtual guarantee that the next “emergency” requiring mass house-arrest will be in the next couple of years.

The lemmings now rule.

Thursday, April 23, 2020


“Socialist” is what communists call themselves before they achieve full control.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020


The Great Divide

The current social-political climate may appear to be one of random chaos. Domestically and internationally, contending factions are at war with one another. What appears complex can be viewed in broader contexts. Across the globe and within the boundaries of our own country the same philosophies are on the march.

The great divide that now engulfs the World is one we’ve seen before. There are still those among us who have the good sense to realize that their own individual liberty is something rare and difficult to maintain over time. There are also those among us who willingly — gladly — support the growth and overarching authority of the state to control, coerce, and punish.

One can micro-analyze conflict between countries like China and the United States or appraise the conflict between Republicans and Democrats. Again, these are all manifestations of the same conflict, the conflict between individual liberty and the forces that have always sought to impose dystopia upon all.

The news of the day concentrates upon the upheaval catalyzed by a virus. There have certainly been viruses before but in this round of plague those who seek a global order recognize an opportunity to manifest their vision. Through America’s halls of Congress, through international media sycophants, and through the brutal apparatus of Chinese communism, the same order of the day seeks to impose the authority of an omnipotent state upon an innocent public.

The reason mouthpieces of an authoritarian collectivist order (like The New York Times and CNN, et al.) are on the same page as the Chinese Communist party and internationalist bureau-scoundrels, is that they are one in the same.

The enemy of honesty, decency, and freedom across the globe is the same. Call it Marxism, collectivism, statism, or, in the U.S., the Democrat party. All dedicated to a global end-game of dystopia.

Thursday, April 16, 2020


For the Love of Gulags

Trump is against it so it must be good...

Another cycle of praise and sympathy for the spawn of Marx and company. The mainstream media is once more riddled with kind words for the dominant mouthpiece of the compulsory commune lifestyle (Communist China).

Somehow the sympathetic voices come from people who think either:

A: The leadership of a one-party socialist state will act nobly in everyone’s interest — stupid naiveté on steroids.


B: Those who support “the revolution” will somehow end up on top and be part of the decision-making — equally stupid.

Those who love the idea of giving a brutal dictatorship the chance to transform our own society never envision the more likely outcome of reeducation camps or lying in a ditch with a bullet in your head. Mass famine is something they can live with if it punishes all those mean rich people.

Everyone’s against “the man” but some just want a more powerful and brutal “man.”

Replacing Mattel with a ministry of fun and games is no more than a road to justice laid with bones.

Sunday, April 12, 2020


The Disease

“Every country has diseases, but in China they become national emergencies and global emergencies, because the real disease here is communism.” — Gordon Chang said.

Saturday, April 11, 2020


Why Trump 2020


Time on their Hands

Thursday, April 09, 2020


As Goes China, So Goes All Strains of Leftism

The current virus pandemic now gives the world a focused view of the usual behavior and operations of China under the vice-grip rule of Marxism, Socialism, Communism, Maoism — Leftism:

Coercive, belligerent, and threatening. Scheming, authoritarian, and punitive.

Actively eliminating free speech and promoting disinformation. Expansionist, underhanded, and dedicated to complete domination over everyone’s life.

How is the current behavior of the Chinese Communist Party different from its actions during the takeover of Tibet? The Tiananmen Square massacre? The “Cultural Revolution?” The “Great Leap Forward?” The purges, imprisonments, “reeducation” programs, and executions?

How is the current behavior of the Chinese Communist Party different from the communist parties of the former Soviet Union? East Germany? Cuba? Cambodia? Romania? etc.

While degree and initial fervor may differ, how are the goals and actions of any imposed collectivist philosophy different from Antifa? Academic Marxists? Hollywood leftists? Or, for that matter, many Democrats today? If any of these institutions were to achieve absolute power, does anyone believe for minute that they would not act with the same coercive violence of all leftist sentiments throughout history?

Collectivist statism is the same regardless of the Label-du Jour it may go by.

While propagandists for the cause of leftism have successfully branded themselves the opposite of “racism, colonialism, and fascism,” they in fact bare remarkable similarity to all of these authoritarian systems and beliefs.

The opposite of leftism is individual freedom, limited constitutional government, and a very high degree of self government - the freedom to create, sell, buy, act, think, write, and speak as one chooses in all matters that do not impact directly and negatively upon another. The opposite of leftism is decidedly not authoritarian.

Jacobins, socialists, Marxists, fascists, Nazis, and the new Democrat party today — all on the same page in regard to how opposing views should be dealt with and liberty constrained.

...The philosophies of government cruelty and oppression. ...same as it ever was

Tuesday, April 07, 2020


The Trump Deranged Media

Lying, Phony, and Full of Shit

Saturday, April 04, 2020


The “Epicenter”

I’m not into conspiracy theories but this is the “epicenter” of the CCP virus in the U.S.?

Friday, April 03, 2020


There it Expected.

“Never let[ting] a good crisis go to waste....”

From the Venezuelan command center in California.

Thursday, April 02, 2020


How Many Deaths from the CCP Virus?

...Let me count the ways.

Wednesday, April 01, 2020


Feeling the Lefty Love

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